Never before seen, one seed we planted in a rapid rooter somehow had two sprouts out of the same one seed.. This is cannabis culture at its finest, we do a scientific weed nerd surgery/autopsy of the rapid rooter and look deep inside to see if it really is two from one seed, on close and further examination we see that it really is two sprouts coming out of one seed. The germination process reveals a one of a kind find with this TGA Genetic strain “Jesus OG Kush”. From a 5 pack of seeds we somehow got this twin seedling so we got 6 sprouts from 5 seeds, trippy stuff. Leave us some comments if anyone knows how this is possible and if you have ever witnessed it before, watch this hole video and see for yourself.

How to make marijuana seeds Video 1
what you need
1. Distilled water one gallon

2.ppm meter link:

3. colloidal silver link :