Helping Maui’s medical marijuana patients is a calling, … not a crime.

Patients Without Time, a medical marijuana patient’s cooperative, helped legally registered medical marijuana patients acquire an adequate supply of their medicine, from 2004 until 2008.

In November of 2008, Director Murphy, and the PWT staff, were arrested, and PWT closed it’s co-op. Six years later, on Dec. 6, 2014, Judge Cardoza sentenced Director Murphy to one year in jail for a criminal conspiracy to sell marijuana.

Judge Cardoza attempts to justify his harsh sentence by making erroneous statements regarding Hawai’i’s medical marijuana Statutes.

Listen to Judge Cardoza’s statements recorded on court video.

“… an allegation that a conspiracy had been formed to distribute and or possess marijuana and in the form of processed marijuana as well as seedlings for sale, approximately four hundred dollars per ounce and seedlings for obviously a smaller price. There has been a few individuals processing medical marijuana cards, and there’s been a great deal said about the reasons for this occurring, and the Statue does, the Statues in question, do provide for the manner in which individuals with medical marijuana cards can use marijuana in compliance with the Statutes.

I have obviously had a number of individuals before the court since this law was passed, who possess medical marijuana cards and at least up until the time of sentencing, before they were subject to the supervision of the court, have been using medical marijuana and didn’t present the same issues that are presented here in this case with respect to the manner of obtaining marijuana.

In terms of medical marijuana that is something left to the Legislature. The Legislature has spoken with respect to that, so we are not here to have a discussion about the appropriateness or/of using medical marijuana.

The Legislature has also spoken in terms of how that is to be done, and the Legislature has provided for a way that can be done within the bounds of the law and, you know frankly, without the kinds of costs that were involved in this case because an individual desiring medical marijuana would have to, and were required to pay significant sums to obtain the marijuana in question, and this case, in the courts view, is not about the Legislative scheme, its not about the whether one is going to have to use pharmaceuticals versus medical marijuana.

The law already provides for it.”

The 2009 Hawai’i House of Representatives honored Patients Without Time for “assisting Hawai’i’s certified medical marijuana patients with the acquisition of the their medical marijuana.”

Hawai’i law remains silent on how medical marijuana patients may acquire an adequate supply of their medical marijuana.
~Hawai’i State medical marijuana Task force.