Only 5 patients remain of the original group of medical marijuana patients and Irv shows the pot and talks about his illness.

Cannabis was made illegal because the paper industry was split between the hemp and the wood pulp factions. The wood pulp people had more money and won, which caused a negative ripple effect in our society such as the loss of a valuable medicine. Since the prohibition of cannabis began the cancer rates have grown at an alarming rate. Cannabis is used for thousands of purposes and it’s loss of use has caused great hardship to everyone.
It is time for truth to prevail and prohibition to stop.
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Medical marijuana users scored a huge legal victory Wednesday in Vancouver after a Federal Court judge struck down the former Conservative government’s 2013 Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, which banned medical marijuana patients from growing their own cannabis. Judge Michael Phelan found that the law violated charter rights, but he also suspended his decision for six months to allow the federal government time to come up with new rules. Will the Liberal government come up with a more relaxed approach that allows personal growing operations and dispensaries? We look at the ruling on the Lip News with Nik Zecevic and Margaret Howell.

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