Medical Marijuana 411 YouTube Video ( interview with Emily Sander, student and lymphoma cancer survivor talks about how she utilized medical marijuana as a positive part of her treatment. Currently, lymphoma free, Emily talks about the benefits of medical marijuana as part of her treatment regimen. Emily had particular issues with nausea due to taking more than 7 different pain medications including: vicodin and oxycontin. A non drug user all of her life, Emily turned to the medicinal use of marijuana to counter the side effects of her nausea, headaches and chemotherapy treatments. Transcript follows:
I was lucky not to get too much nausea, I only got it occasionally which was good. But of course when I took my pain medication I was nauseous. Which was very silly. Oxy-contin Vicodine and any kind of medicines they give for pain which I went through 6 or 7 different ones that didnt make feel really sick and actually worked. That was a pain. But yeah, if I took the nausea medication so I could take my pain medication it gave me a headache. There were so many side effects for the medication I was trying to take to make me feel better. The medical marijuana was great cause I didnt have any of those side effects other than leaving me a little tired, which was great I didnt have to worry about insomnia! Which was becoming a problem, Id never had a problem sleeping in my entire life just lay there going what why cant I fall asleep. Helping me eat, helping me sleep, generally getting rid of anxiety from the general ordeal even though its over, you know, getting over and positive, its not the nicest thing to deal with. Especially at 20. I never really expected something like that to happen.