National Cannabis Summit – OCT 12, 2015 – Tribal Track presented by Native Workplace

Patient & Veterans Advocates Panel

Patients are at the heart of our efforts. To hear their stories reminds us of why cannabis and hemp medicines are so important. From veterans to the youth, these plants are curing patients and saving lives. These powerful advocates share their journey to health.

Coltyn Turner – Crohn’s Disease Patient Advocate

Crohn’s is an ongoing and serious condition that causes inflammation of the digestive (or gastrointestinal [GI]) tract. Although it may involve any area of the GI tract, it usually affects the small intestine or colon. People with Crohn’s usually experience periods when symptoms worsen, called a “flare,” which alternate with periods when the disease is inactive (few or no symptoms), called “remission.” However, even when the disease is inactive, Crohn’s does not really go away. Sooner or later another flare will occur. This cycle of flares is common for people with Crohn’s. The main goals of treatment are to reach and then maintain remission.

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Cannabis plant gets a lift up Bank Street in Ottawa ON
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