*Read description for detailed DOSAGE info!*

My Cannabutter recipe episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsHo_DZ_9Cc

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Cannatea, Weed Tea, Bhang…it goes by many names. Today we’ll learn how to make a few cups of it. I will give you guys an easy butter-based recipe for Marijuana Tea…of course, feel free to substitute cream, oil, whole fat milk, etc…in fact, feel free to play with all the ingredients depending on what you’re trying to achieve so long as you follow the basic principles. These principals are similar to my Cannabutter cooking guide; boil the water while finding something the THC can be soluble in, then strain the foliage out. Except at the end of this recipe you just throw in a tea bag instead of cooking up food, so its a little simpler 🙂

DOSAGE: As the video implies, this recipe makes 3 cups (700 ml) of the Tea. This will serve 1-2 people depending on tolerance & strain potency. I usually drink about two thirds of this to myself for a rock solid stone that goes on for a LONG time. That’s not bad considering that two thirds of a 0.5 gram recipe is only 0.33 grams of pot. If it did not work odds are you did not follow the decarb (heating) portion of the recipe properly!

WARNING: like all edibles, which this drinkable technically is… tea can take A WHILE to fully kick in so don’t overdo it. Over an hour for many people.

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