Hey Stoners Welcome to The Johno Show I’m your weedtuber host Jonathan. It’s Monday January 30th 2017. Our main story tonight is Israel’s push to decriminalize marijuana for personal use and their plan to spend millions of dollars researching cannabis cultivation, biochemistry and medicine. But first our other weed news.

Story 4:
In “It was only a matter of time” News…
The Girl Scouts of America have sent a cease and desist letter to an Oakland dispensary asking them to stop using the name ‘Girl Scout Cookies’. The Girl Scouts hold exclusive rights to the name under trademark law.
The California dispensary took products with that name off the shelves immediately, and are urging others to follow suit.
Many in the industry have been uncomfortable with the name for some time and that’s why you’ll often see dispensaries refer to it as ‘GSC’ or ‘Platinum Cookies’.
Another strain that’s most likely going to have to change its name is Gorilla Glue but to date no one in the industry has received a cease and desist letter.
Finally our top story…
Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan said Israel is moving quickly to decriminalize personal marijuana use and is looking at adopting a similar approach many U.S. states and European countries have implemented.

The new policy would fine individuals caught smoking marijuana instead of arresting and prosecuting them. Criminal procedures would be launched only against those caught repeatedly.

Marijuana use is fairly common in Israel. Data shows that almost nine percent of Israelis use cannabis.

The numbers of arrests are also considerably small with just 188 people arrested in 2015, a 56 percent drop since 2010.
Additionally, Israel is investing .1 million dollars into 13 research projects for cannabis. The government is hopeful the research will lead to cannabis-based therapeutic products.
Research topics include how cannabis can improve vision, fight colon cancer and treat multiple sclerosis. Other research projects will explore such issues as whether cannabis can help the body accept transplanted organs and treat metabolic syndrome.
The other six research projects will focus on cultivation, including the development of irrigation and fertilization technologies, fighting pests and diseases that can damage cannabis plants, and improving planting and reproduction techniques. The funds will also be used to establish a national genetic database for medical cannabis plants.
This investment is another example why Israel is considered a hub for medical marijuana exploration.
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