– How are you doing Vapetempers?! Today, Chef Luigi will give you a personal lesson on how you can do ABV Cannabis Capsules.

Since ABV has already been through decarboxylation process, we can simply add some fat to help the digestion of the ABV and you can take these ABV pills quick and easy. Some people out there don’t like the taste of ABV. So I created this recipe just for them. It’s easy to make and is the most accurate way to ingest your ABV.

What you will need is:

Large Gelatin Capsules
Coconut oil

Note: Remember to finely grind your ABV so that you can get the most cannabinoids out of it.

1. Start by mixing your finely grind ABV with a little coconut oil so that you can get the mixture right.

2. Then, take your gelatin capsules and load them with this mixture as tightly as possible.

3. And voila! That’s it, now you can keep this in your fridge for future use.

Also remember that these pills are meant to be taken orally, these are not suppositories.

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